In my recent collection of work, I use printmaking and other forms of mixed media to process my journey through life and motherhood. The shapes, colors, and lines I utilize often convey movement, whether away or towards something familiar or unknown. These could be parts of my life that may or may not be in my control. A feather may represent flight, a lightweight vessel floating to a new place; arrows may represent a change in direction; roots may represent growth. Many of these marks originate from the journeys I take in my everyday life; simple acts like taking my son to the playground or watching the light change colors as it reflects through the leaves outside my window. As I build layers with monoprinting, paint, or collage, I reflect on the status of my heart, my physical surroundings, and my self awareness. I’m seeking to observe and capture the rhythm of the season I am in. These art pieces are my way of speaking about what I’m feeling and experiencing.


Melissa Nees Hauger is an artist, graphic designer, and all around crafty gal. Born and raised in Indiana, she is a graduate of Purdue University with a BA in Visual Communication Design.


After years of being creative with a keyboard and mouse, Melissa decided it was time to peel her eyes away from the computer screen and return to creating art with her hands. She is currently a member of the 67th Street Printmakers in Indianapolis, where she primarily focuses on monoprinting and mixed media collage. Her work has been shown at various galleries and establishments throughout Indiana and the world.


Melissa lives in Indianapolis with her husband and son. When she’s not chasing after her son, you might find her riding her bike, reading a book, or playing her guitar.

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