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New prints and a quilt

I wanted to share two prints that I finished in December. The first is called Jeans on the Line and it is a based on a scene from our Nicaragua trip last summer. We visited a small village named Bethel (the guys in our group actually helped put a roof on a kitchen of a […]


I spent the first part of July in Nicaragua.  It was a really beautiful week.  What made it even more enjoyable was that I was fortunate enough to travel with a group of my friends.  We put a roof on a kitchen, played with some kiddos, climbed a volcano (and sled down it), explored new […]

New work: The Walk Home

The Walk Home, woodcut reduction, edition of six, 11×14″   I am delighted to show my newest print to you.  I was a bit nervous to begin this print because 1) I wanted to work bigger and 2) I wanted to carve into wood, not linoleum. What does that mean?  It would take a long […]

New work: Approaching St. Thomas

Approaching St. Thomas, linocut reduction, 9×12″ Now available for sale in the Etsy shop! *Stay tuned…I have another St. Thomas print that should be done this week.  I hope to have it up on the blog and shop soon.


I was able to get away for a couple of days this week in beautiful Brown County.  It was truly a blessing. “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Just Passing Through: New work and thoughts on Cambodia

Just Passing Through, woodcut reduction, 2012 Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Cambodia.  It’s been over a year since we visited, and it’s still something that lays heavy on my heart.  While we where there, the big question that was asked of us was, “What will you do with this experience once you get […]

You Make Beautiful Things

Hey there!  I’ve been printing away, gradually adding to my new series of prints inspired by my trip to Cambodia last July.  I wanted to share one of them with you that I finished in December.  This print was part of a portfolio exchange with my printmaking group at the Indianapolis Art Center.  (A portfolio […]

New brochure design

Ah!  Ever feel like you have so many ideas floating around in your head you don’t know where you should start?  That’s where I am right now, but it’s a good feeling to have those creative juices flowing!  I thought I would pop in here and share a brochure design I completed a couple of […]

New work and November show

New work to share!  As some of you know, I decided to create a series based on my experiences in Cambodia this past July.  This is the first print from the series, entitled “The Rice Fields”.  This print is near and dear to my heart because it immediately draws me back to the days we […]

Have you ever…?

Have you ever gone away somewhere and had an amazing experience, then come home to find everything remained the same, but you had changed?  Did you struggle to figure out how the new you fit into your old reality? I have spent the past weeks in Cambodia, a country haunted by a tragic past and […]