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Experimenting with ink, plastic, and…wax?

A few weeks ago I started to feel what I call a “lull” coming on.  Some people call them creative blocks.  I just didn’t know what project to start next.  When that happens I often turn to methods or exercises that yield quicker results to get my wheels turning again. One of these methods is […]

New work: La Terrasse

A newly completed commissioned pastel painting, La Terrasse. La Terrasse, pastel, 11×14″

Puppy love

Happy New Year!  I hope your holiday season was filled with joy and many blessings. Since Christmas is behind us, I can now show you some of the gifts I made for a few special loved ones. For my sister and brother-in-law, a woodcut reduction print of their two furry children, Addison and Haley: And […]

Plein Air Painting and the Art of Practice

I’ve always been mildly fascinated with the art of plein air painting (plein air means “in the open air”).  Maybe you’ve seen them: artists out in nature, their easels positioned just right to frame the chosen scene, paints or pastels in hand.  Since I’ve been reacquainted with my pastels over the past year, I decided […]

The Finished Mural

Three weeks later, the mural is finished!  Augustina put the final touches on the mural Saturday, and I stopped by today to get some final pictures. I had such a great experience being a part of this project.  I learned how to paint a mural, made a friend, and became a part of a project […]

Mural Project Update #2

We are getting closer to completion!  Here are a few new updates: Black background is completed and I’m almost done filling in the blue lines… Augustina is almost done with the flower and will begin drawing the moth on the wall tomorrow (the last item in the mural)… Here’s a look from the other side […]

Mural Project Update #1

We are making progress on the mural!  Augustina has completed two of the three faces included in the mural (three generations of women from the same family).  I am working on the map of lines that represent the canal area (slightly abstracted) behind the first face, as well as filling in the black background.  We […]

46 for XLVI: The Indianapolis Mural Project

This week I’ve been volunteering with a great project: 46 for XLVI, which was created to promote arts and culture in the city in preparation for the Superbowl (sponsored by the Indianapolis Arts Council and the City of Indianapolis).  They have commissioned artists, both local and nationwide, to create 46 murals around the city.  I […]

New work from January-April

I spent so much time preparing for May’s events that I neglected photographing and posting my new work from this winter/spring.  I think I’m caught up now! Here they are, in rough chronological order: Snow Day I, etching and aquatint, edition of five: This is the end result from the walk I took through our […]


Things have been moving at a steady pace lately.  I’ve spent a decent amount of time over the past couple of weeks preparing my work for some upcoming shows (more info on that coming soon).  Most of this time has been spent framing my work.  Although framing is not one of my most favorite things […]