New work from January-April

I spent so much time preparing for May’s events that I neglected photographing and posting my new work from this winter/spring.  I think I’m caught up now! Here they are, in rough chronological order:

Snow Day I, etching and aquatint, edition of five:
This is the end result from the walk I took through our neighborhood on a snowy day back in January.  I also talked about the etching process a bit in this post.

Spring Tulips, pastel on Wallis paper
One of my most favorite parts of spring is when the bulbs begin to grow in our yard, blossoming into beautiful tulips, irises, and lilies.  This was inspired by a lovely patch of tulips in our front yard.

Morning Walk on the Gulf, linocut reduction, edition of nine
Panama City Beach (PCB), FL has always been a much beloved vacation spot for our family.  Growing up, we spent many summer vacations here.  Last year, my sister and brother-in-law were temporarily living in Dothan, AL while my brother-in-law was in flight school at Fort Rucker.  I flew down to visit them last June, and of course, we had to spend part of our week at PCB, a short 90 minute drive from Dothan.  This print originated from one of my peaceful morning walks on the beach.

Roots, etching and aquatint, edition of five
This spring, when things were still rather brown and dull, I hiked a few trails through Holliday Park here in Indianapolis, looking for signs of green life.  The trail led down to the banks of the White River, where I noticed the intricate patterns of all of the tree roots along the ground.  The perfect subject for a line etching!

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    These are ALL so beautiful!! You are so talented. Hope they are all selling for you.


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